CSR Activities

“Those who are blessed with wealth should regard themselves as trustees and treat their wealth as trust property for the benefit of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mr. KundanMal Jain, a staunch Gandhian and a great inspiration to his sons imparted the Mahatma’s wishes to Jaisal Family in both his words and deeds. Jaisal’s concern for the environment – industrial, social and physical – has been deeply woven into the company’s fabric.

Jaisal is a company with a human heart, reaching out and touching the lives of people around it with medical care to the sick and the indisposed; with educational aid for children and the illiterate; and recreational facilities for its diligent and sincere workforce.

The company is a noted patron of art and culture, and has contributed immensely to the enrichment of society. For many years in the past, it has regularly organised religious discourses for spiritual peace and continues to do so even today.